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Voters of Delhi Demand Immediate Elections Declaration of the consultation organized by Lok Raj Sangathan
Voters of Delhi Demand Immediate Elections Declaration of the consultation organized by Lok Raj Sangathan

Lok Raj Sangathan organized a public discussion today on “Hung Assembly in Delhi a�� Games Political Parties Play”

The meeting was chaired by Shri S Ragavan, President of Lok Raj Sangathan (LRS). A large number of people from different walks of life, belonging to different organizations, all of whom have been working for the welfare of the people of Delhi, participated in the deliberations. Speakers included, Shri. Hanuman Prasad Guru (Vice President of LRS), Renu (activist in the womena��s movement), Lokesh, Om Prakash Gupta, Birju Nayak, Dharmender, and Santosh (candidates in 2013 Delhi Assembly Elections), Shri. Rafiq Jabbar Mulla (Social Democratic Party of India), Shri. Pancholi (PUCL), and Prakash Rao (Communist Ghadar Party of India), Shri Shahid Ali (United Muslim Front), Shri Kuldeep of LRS Haryana, Shri Milan Gupta and social activist Ishwar bhai.

It is four and half months since the government of Aam Admi Party headed by Arvind Kejriwal resigned. At that time, the BJP, the largest party in the Delhi Assembly declared that it would not try to form the government. The question arises, why was the Delhi Assembly placed in suspended animation by the Governor? Why was elections not called immediately for constituting a new Assembly?

It is completely unacceptable that the power of the people in this democracy is restricted to casting the vote when elections are declared, while after the vote is cast, we have no say either in who should form the government, or what policies it should implement.

It is completely unacceptable that the Governor, acting on behalf of the President, who in turn acts on behalf of the Party in power at the Center, takes over the reins of administration indefinitely and arbitrarily. It is completely unacceptable that the Party in power at the center, earlier the Congress, and now the BJP, can decide when and if elections will be once again held according to its narrow electoral calculations.

In the interim period, there have been widespread reports in the media about attempted horse trading of MLA’s to prevent another election.

Lok Raj Sangathan appeals to the people of Delhi and their organizations to come out on to the streets and demand immediate elections in the capital. It is our right to decide when elections are held, not the right of this or that political party or of the Central government.

We call upon people and their samitis to organize public meetings in their workplaces and residential colonies on an immediate basis to:

> Highlight the problems faced by the people in their respective constituenciesa�� price rise of essential commodities, drinking water and sanitation, housing, health care and education, the safety of women and girls, the rights of workers and working people, etc.
> Demand that the current elected representative come to these meetings and render account of what they have done and what they are going to do regarding the burning problems facing people.

Demand immediate elections to the Delhi Assembly:

This is the appropriate time to discuss the fundamental flaws in our system of electoral democracy. This is the time to demand changes to this democracy so that decision making power actually vests with people.

Today, the entire political process is dominated by parties of the establishment. Our experience shows that such parties go to any extent to come to power, in order to enrich themselves and the biggest monopolies and other vested interests who finance their election campaigns and whose interests they really represent. We need to change this situation in favour of the people.

To do so, on an immediate basis, let us, the people of Delhi, campaign for the followinga��

  • It is people organized in their samitis who must select from amongst their peers, candidates who would best serve the collective interests of their constituency as also the interests of the entire people of Delhi. Political parties and other organizations can propose candidates for selection. However no political party or organization must be permitted to impose its candidates on the people in the coming elections. It is the right of the people to select their own candidates.
  • Candidates who propose to stand for elections must give an undertaking that they will render periodic monthly accounts of their work in front of the samitis in public meetings organized on a non partisan basis. They must agree to being recalled, if their work is found unsatisfactory.
  • Candidates must give an undertaking that they will put forth in the Delhi Assembly any legislation that the people of Delhi propose. We must work out mechanisms to ensure this. These could include the status of so called unauthorized colonies, the nationalization of the Discoms, the ensuring of water supply to people as a right. They could include the long standing struggle of workers for a guaranteed living wage, the immediate abolition of contract labour in jobs of a permanent nature, and the registration of all workers as workers with guaranteed and enforceable rights including social security and pension. Rights of street vendors, of the rural community, of slum dwellers, must all be legally established and enforceable.

Appeal to the people of our country:

This struggle for ensuring that we the people, can actually decide our future, is the same struggle being waged in Delhi and all over our country.

There is need to reform the entire political system and process so that people can actually become decision makers.

The existing Indian Constitution, the Representation of People Act, various laws such as the anti-defection law and the non-elected electoral commission and its electoral rules a�� all of them work for a party-dominated political process and not a people-centred political process. Therefore there is an immediate need to work towards an alternative process, legislation and Constitution that places power in the hands of people.

Let us organise to achieve this!

We appeal to every organization of the people, whether in work places or residential areas, in rural areas or urban areas, to take up the struggle for renewal of democracy so as to vest sovereignty in the people, as an integral part of the struggle for the rights of all.

The meeting passed the following three important political resolutions:

1)A�A�A�A�A� On Iraq & Syria a�� this meeting calls upon the people of our country to unite and fight in defense of peace and sovereignty of all nations and states in Asia against the imperialist plans to re-divide the world. It resolves to organize a country-wide campaign to make the people understand and oppose the US policy.

2)A�A�A�A�A� On rights of workers under attack a�� In the context of the Rajasthan Governmenta��s recent proposal to amend labour laws, this meeting resolves to step up the struggle in defense of the rights of workers as part of the struggle to defend the rights of all. It resolves to launch a country wide campaign in defense of rights of workers.

3)A�A�A�A�A� On Communal Hysteria and Violence a�� A grave situation prevails in Moradabad and the whole of West Uttar Pradesh, as a result of the deliberate incitement of communal passions by various political parties. TA similar situation is being created in Maharashtra and Assam. This meeting resolves to step up the united struggle of the people of our country for an end to communalism and communal violence, and for punishment of all those responsible for organizing the same. This meeting resolves to continue the countrywide campaign to expose and oppose the role of the state and various political parties in organizing communal violence.

The coordinator of Lok Raj Sangathan can be communicated via: A�lokrajsangathan@yahoo.com | Birju Nayak Mob.: 9818575435



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