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RSS is the biggest enemy of India: Justice BG Kolse Patil

New Delhi:I can give you in written, again I say I can give you in written that undoubtedly RSS is the biggest enemy of India, we need to defeat the poisonous ideology of RSS on ideological level, thundered Justice GB Kolse Patil, a former judge of Bombay High Court.

He was addressing the concluding progarmme of the month long national campaign Stop Politics of Hate organized by Popular Front of India at Talkatora Indoor Stadium here on Monday.


In his thought-provoking address, Justice Patil said Hindutva is nothing but deluding name of Brahmanism and the real enemy of India are Brahmanism and Capitalism. He also stressed the need of unity among all sections to fight against the communalism of RSS. He urged the peace loving citizens belongings to all communities not to be a victim of the propaganda campaign by RSS.

India belongs to all Indians and not only Brahmins and its Brahmanism which RSS wants to impose on India. We should not call Hindustan as it refers to Hindus only rather we should say India or Bharat because all Indians are not Hindus, he added.


Mani Shankar Aiyar speaking on the occasion.

One cant Imagine India without Muslims and Muslims without India. Its the message of equality which attracted Indians towards Islam and it conquered the hearts of Indian masses. Those who say that Islam spread by the might of sword should know that Muslims ruled India 666 years but in spite of that there were only 24% Muslim population during British rule, said former union minister and diplomat Mani Shankar Aiyar .

Voicing serious concern over saffronization of history by the present government, Aiyar said history is being distorted to suit communal agenda a wrong image of Muslims is being painted by saffronization of history. The politics of hate will not take us anywhere it will only weaken India, either all of us have to survive or all of us has to perish, he added.

Ravi Nair, Director, SAHRDC

Ravi Nair, Director, SAHRDC

In his speech, Ravi Nair, Director, SAHRDC said that the RSS is a group of rumor-mongers and they cant survive without rumor mongering, we should be prepared to send them back to Nagpur in 2019′.

Our intelligence agencies are controlled by RSS and its the need of the hour to make security agencies accountable to the parliament. Its only India where Intelligence Agencies act without any control. Its only India where the confession statement of an accused is taken a proof before the court of law hence 197 of CRPC must be abolished immediately, he further added.

We should work to fix accountability of law- enforcement agencies and police and intelligence personnel who fabricate innocents, who implicate them falsely in terror cases. We should also work to make sure the compensation, rehabilitation of those who are acquitted by honorable court after spending many years behind the bars, he further added.

Waman Mishram, National President, BAAMCEF

Waman Mishram, National President, BAMCEF

If you think only RSS is hate monger than you are wrong, what about the Pandit Nehru and Congress party? They never did justice with Muslims, Dalits and Adivasi and other minorities, said Mr. Waman Mishram, National President, BAAMCEFwhile addressing the audience.

We should not call 52 percent Dalits and Adivasis as Hindus, because only 3.35% Brahmins are Hindus. Slaves and those who enslave people both cant be Hindus. Hindus are those who are enslaving people.

 KM Shareef, Chairman Popular Front addressing the gathering.

KM Shareef, Chairman Popular Front addressing the gathering.

In his presidential address, Chairman of Popular Front KM Shareef highlighted the current situation of the country. He stated the road to power for the BJP was made easy by the disunity among the secular parties. Since the BJP has come to power, it has openly unleashed its true agenda of hate. The silence of the government towards attacks on Muslims, minorities and Dalits confirms their hidden agenda, he added.

Navaid Hamid, President Majlis-e Mushawarat

Presenting the keynote address Anis Ahmed, NEC member of Popular Front stated This campaign is a continuation of activities carried out since past 2 decades. We are presenting before the country the real threats before the country. The ideology of Hindutva which is being taught in every Shakha of RSS is the reason behind such atrocities in the country. The government should adopt the secular values of our country and treat all citizens as equal. He also called for the unity of all Muslim, minorities, Dalits, tribals and progressive groups to fight communalism and fascism.

The other speakers present on the occasion were Kamal Farooqui, Ex-Chairman, Delhi Minority Commission, Syed Sarwar Chisti, Gaddi Nasheen Ajmer Dargah, Srinivas Raghavan, President Lok Raj Sangathan party, Navaid Hamid, President Majlis-e Mushawarat, Yasmin Farooqui, President WIM, Parvez Miyan, President Milli Council Delhi State. The demand charter was presented by Abdul Wahid, Secretary, Popular Front.



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